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Who are we? Well, we like to call ourselves passionate cheese lovers with only one mission: help the world Discover the Unexpected with the wonderful Cheeses from the USA.

The United States is the largest single-country producer and exporter of cheese in the world, so there is a good chance you’ve eaten USA Cheese before without even knowing it! 

This site is dedicated to storytelling, taking you behind the scenes of an industry most people know little about. It all starts with our U.S. dairy farmers who are incredibly hardworking and dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainably produced milk.

From there, cheesemakers—both large and small—from around the country turn this wholesome milk into 1,000+ varieties of innovative and award-winning USA Cheeses. 

Many of these cheeses are then exported to delight the world’s tastebuds. Look for the seal (shown here) to identify USA Cheeses in a store near you!

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This site is made possible thanks to the support of U.S. dairy farmers and processors through the USA Cheese Guild™. The Guild was established as a center of excellence for the international buyer and end-user community, providing access to unparalleled resources and services for culinary, retail and foodservice partners around the world. Managed by the U.S. Dairy Export Council, the Guild is headquartered in Arlington, VA and has offices across Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.